Shaheim Wright wants to go back to school.

The Northeast High School graduate is considering zoology. Or maybe biology, so he could take veterinary medicine courses. Most of all, he wants to get a college degree so he can get a better job. Right now, he takes care of the animals at the PetSmart at Cottman and Bustleton Avenues.

But Wright, 19, says it doesn’t seem possible to go to back to school. In part, because his work schedule is so erratic.

“I can’t go and apply for college if I don’t know what days I can go to class,” Wright said, adding that he fears that if he were to call out for a shift, he’d get fired.

On a good week, he’ll get put on the schedule for 30 hours. Other weeks, he’ll get only 16 hours. It’s impossible for him to predict.

“I never know how much money is coming in,” said Wright, who earns $8.75 an hour.

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