One Pennsylvania was formed to hold corporations accountable for paying their fair share, and to stand up for good, family-sustaining jobs, and well-funded public services. Since its inception, One PA has always taken creative action to earn media coverage and influence the public discourse of opinion makers, thought leaders, and our elected representatives. For six years, we’ve been hitting the streets and the halls of power to make the case for justice.

We collaborate with partner organizations and coalitions to share campaign expertise, and build a more strategic, unified, and intersectional justice movement. Below are several of the campaigns and coalitions with which One PA is actively involved.

Coalition Campaigns

Fight for $15 Pennsylvania
One PA organized the first fast food strike in Pennsylvania in 2014. That effort is now Fight for $15 PA, which raises expectations for workers at hospitals, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail business all over the state. One PA has been the community partner for low-wage worker organizing for three years, and we’ve succeeded or are on a path to a $15/hour minimum wage in many cases.
Great Public Schools: The Schools Our Children Deserve

One PA is a founding member of Great Public Schools (GPS) Pittsburgh. GPS believes that every child is exceptional and deserves every opportunity to excel, and that all students should have the great public schools that families want and children deserve. To achieve this vision, we must address long-standing disparities–often driven by poverty and racism–and we must reinvest in public schools as the hearts of our neighborhoods.

Strong public schools make strong communities. Excellent schools not only create opportunities for students from all backgrounds and abilities, but also keep our neighborhoods vibrant, retain young families, promote property values for homeowners, and serve as focal points for our communities.

Our Water Campaign
One PA is a key member of the Our Water Campaign, a coalition of local Pittsburgh organizations committed to ensuring that safe, affordable water is provided to all residents through a publicly controlled water authority. Water rates at the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) are already triple the average cost of water in the midwest and water rates continue to rise, putting low-income residents at risk. As PWSA works to fix aging infrastructure and replace lead water lines, it is critical that low-income residents are protected.
United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN)
United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN) is a parent-led action network of parent leaders and parent leadership initiatives across the nation, coming together to build a powerful voice to influence policies and programs that matter to families and children, especially families with young children. UPLAN parent leaders are low and moderate-income parents, parents of color, immigrant, grandparents raising grandchildren: parents who truly know what families and communities need in order to succeed and thrive. One PA is working with UPLAN to create a policy platform that strengthens the national programs and policies that impact children’s lives.
The People's Budget

To get Pennsylvania back on track, we need a budget that reflects the priorities of working families. It’s time to hold corporations accountable so that we can provide quality community services, affordable health care, good, family-sustaining jobs, and a safe and healthy environment. It’s time for our representatives and senators to tell us whose side they’re on: Pennsylvanians, or corporations. Learn more about our campaign for a People’s Budget.